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Crown estate - the leading provider of living, home, health care, supplies and equipment.

About Crown Estate Holding


Crown Estate Holding is a United States-based publicly traded company, ticker symbol CWNM. Our goal is to grow not only internally, but by acquisition of growth companies which we believe will generate above-average returns on capital. Currently, we have four operating divisions..

Crown Laboratory Inc. develops and markets consumer products, both wholesale and also through our online store, Crown Outlet is not an ordinary online store. It includes Crown Labs’ own brand of quality products, including 32-65” HD 4K flat screen televisions, energy-saving light bulbs, HDTV smart boxes, a line of super-lightweight portable battery chargers, and our own patent-pending cell phone holder. Crown Laboratory is constantly seeking new products to offer to its customers at unbelievably low prices. Crown Laboratory’s low prices are possible because we sell factory-direct. Now offering products to North American customers, Crown Outlet is expanding abroad as well. .

Okra Energy Inc. is primarily engaged in research and development of sustainable energy solutions..

We recently acquired Italiano, a fashion footwear and apparel company. We expect to introduce new men’s, women’s and youth lines for this label. .

Our historical business was in Southern California real estate, where we lease a 180,000 square foot warehouse east of Los Angeles. The property is near the growing affluent Asian community in the San Gabriel Valley. Our view is that commercial real estate here is poised for a movement upwards..

We have adopted a strategy of growth through acquisitions in part due to the difficulty many growing companies have in coping with the challenges of growth. These challenges include access to capital and organizational resources, which Crown Marketing believes we have available due to our status as a public company and our managerial experience..

Because we are ourselves a smaller company, we plan to focus on acquisitions of small to medium sized enterprises which appear to be ready to grow. We don’t plan to issue cash dividends in the near future. Management acknowledges that there are risks to every business, and will seek to plan for those risks. One of the strategies we hope to employ to lessen risk is to diversify out holdings among a variety of industries. .

We believe that it is a mistake to enter into an acquisition based on the accounting treatment of a potential transaction. The focus, we believe, should be on the potential intrinsic value: the discounted value of cash that can be taken out of one of our acquisitions. Our goal is long-term value for stockholders. .

Crown Laboratory looks for good quality consumer products at fantastic prices—the products that YOU use every day. We are small now, but growing.  Most importantly, we have a great team that really wants to grow the company. We don’t have fancy offices. We work out of a warehouse in beautiful El Monte, east of Los Angeles.  Our overhead is low. The savings are passed on to you.

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